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Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Physicist Opts Out of the Presumed Safe TSA Scanner

via The Atlantic:
I will not go into the naked scanner under any circumstances. It is only for PR purposes, and I don't give a shit about helping Obama or Pistole or anyone else primp their public image. Millimeter wave is safe, X-ray is not, but you never know which one you're getting. TSA workers should be up in arms since they're standing around the machines unshielded all day long. This will eventually come back to bite the government. You can take that from a physicist.

For more of his case, including an unexpected discussion of why the pat-down alternative may afford un-looked-for riches, follow the link.

1 comment:

jollyspaniard said...

If they are using X Rays somebody is going to get their butts sued off... eventualy.