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Monday, December 13, 2010

Here Come the Waterworks

Apparently Boehner cried on 60 Minutes last night. Quel surprise! That's what everybody should say every time Boehner appears on screen, "Here come the waterworks!" Maybe he could be brute-force shamed into getting a grip on this rampaging egomania of his, regarding himself the eternal protagonist of his own technicolor Passion. What a fucking narcissistic drunk travesty he is. What the hell is he blubbering about, anyway? What is it with these whiny straight white guy Republicans? Just like Darryl Issa. Oh boo-hoo-hoo! Everybody I fuck over and don't give two shits for won't suck my dick and tell me how I'm the smartest prettiest boy in the world like Mommy promised they would! Wah-wah-wah! Absolutely disgusting. There are people actually suffering unjustly and unnecessarily in the world, you stupid assholes.


jollyspaniard said...

I think one of the reasons why Sarah Palin and the Momma Grizzlies are so popular is because they whine without seeming weak. I think this might have just as much with people's perceptions of gender as much as anything else. If Huckabee whines he's wimpy, if Palin whines she's a "Momma grizzly".

Male republicans have a difficult challenge. They can't use the same kind of language and expressions their supporters do, they'd be accused of being racist and nasty. They've got to apply some kind of redirection to deflect any such charges. Reagan did it best by shrugging off criticism and uncomfortable questions with jokes. His supporters knew full well where he stood and loved him for it.

Dale Carrico said...

It's important to grasp that there still remains a difference between the kind of popularity that translates into profitable celebrity and the kind that translates into electable.

As for males in the GOP, it's hard to square that intuition with the numbers of actually elected politicians -- fewest women in office in ages precisely because so many in the white guy thronged GOP won.

I think the most dangerous phenomenon is that nobody calls liars on their lies or cranks on their marginality (a state of affairs on which both Movement Republicans and Robot Cultists, my two chief targets of blogrision, equally depend), that a public discourse suffused with the deceptive, hyperbolic, promotion norms and forms of advertizing and marketing no longer supports the logical, critical, evidenciary resources on the basis of which to adjudicate disputes over what are nonetheless taken to be factual concerns.