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Saturday, May 22, 2010

What If All Republicans Only Ran for Public Office to Market Their Anti-Government Books?

You tell me.

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Jackie said...

I work at a used bookstore. A customer came in the other day to ask if we had "Liberty and Tyranny". I, having a few ridiculous(ly) conservative acquaintances, was familiar with the work, but I told him that we didn't have it without bothering to check our stock.

What's sad to me is how easy it is to write a book and convince people of the views inside it even when there is no real thinking being done in these works. I guess the reason for this is that such authors tend to target people's insecurities and anxieties. Glenn Beck's "Common Sense" begins with "I think I know who you are" and then goes on to describe a typical Great White American, even going so far as to say "You don't hate people who are different than you, but you stopped expressing opinions on sensitive issues a long time ago because you do't want to be called a racist, bigot, or homophobe if you stand by your values and principles."

What principles or 'values' could possibly be mistaken for racism? It's frightening to ponder - does Glenn Beck actually not intend for a single African American or Latino person to read his book?

I'm not sure about the question you ask, but if such people like Beck and Mark Levin somehow got it in their heads to run for office, perhaps the spiraling disaster that is now the Republican party would be finally given its death knell, when the absurdities behind what these people actually believed are inevitably exposed to the more conscientious American public as a whole, voiced in opposition to others, rather than in these whispers made between the covers of a book.