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Monday, May 24, 2010

BP Is a Hostile and Destructive Foreign Invasion Force

The effort to stanch the vast oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was mired by setbacks on Monday as state and federal officials feuded with BP over its failure to meet deadlines and its refusal to stop spraying a toxic dispersant…. BP was locked in a tense standoff with the Environmental Protection Agency, which had ordered the company to stop using a toxic chemical dispersant called Corexit by Sunday. But BP continued spraying the chemical on Monday, despite the E.P.A.’s demand that it use a less toxic dispersant to break up the oil.

"Setbacks"? "Feuds"? "Standoff"?

Honestly, what the hell? I have never once in my life understood why the US spends more on its military than every other nation on the planet combined (actually, I do -- it enables so-called free market fundamentalists to advocate a planned US economy and so-called rugged individualist ideologues to advocate welfare for the rich, all stealthed as "Defense" -- what I mean to say is that I've never understood the public rationales offered in justification for these obscene military priorities), especially when there are so many stomachs crying out for nourishment and minds crying out for education and lives crying out for support that are ignored while we churn out our endless bullets and bombs… but, honestly, this takes the cake.

The United States has been catastrophically attacked by a hostile remorseless invading foreign power, British Petroleum. BP is refusing to comply with our legally constituted authorities in matters over which they have perfectly clear legitimate jurisdiction.

For heaven's sake: Freeze and seize all BP's goddamned assets, divert all the money to cleanup and to salaries for regular employees and emergency crews, get all their Suits into orange jumpsuits and throw them in jail. Take control of this situation. As a pinko-pacifist-faggot trained in nonviolence at the King Center I can't exactly pretend to be comfortable taking up even superficially the guise of a warblogger of all things, but this is a National calamity unfolding here. The, you know, Homeland is under attack and stuff.

Where are all the gun-totin saucer-eyed barking-dog patriotic swinging dicks in all of this mess?

I've never approved of the catastrophic anti-democratizing militarism of the neoliberal/neoconservative epoch, but I frankly don't understand the point of its champions even on their own immoralist irrationalist imperialist terms if we are just going to sit here on our weapons stockpiles while these corporate pipsqueaks attack our country and kill our citizens and destroy our land and rake in our treasure.

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Martin said...

You can't punch your heroin dealer in the mouth while he's got the needle in your vein, even if he spills some of the stuff or bruises your arm.