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Monday, April 05, 2010

MundiMuster! Oppose Jane Harman's CDP Endorsement

Oppose Jane Harman's CDP Endorsement :

Do we really want to endorse a Democrat that makes statements like that?

It's time for a change in the very "Blue" 36th Congressional District. There is a 18% Democratic voter registration advantage in this district and it is a shame to have this safe Democratic seat represented by a Corporate Blue Dog.

It is time for a candidate like Marcy Winograd that will represent the people of the district, not a candidate like Jane Harman that represents the corporations of the district. It is time for CHANGE in the 36th District. That change begins with CDP delegates signing and faxing the letter below!

Marcy Winograd for Congress

You'll notice that only CDP Delegates should sign this. I'm not one, but I'm providing these links to raise awareness, especially for Californians, of some of the issues in presently play here. Note to the Winograd folks -- I'm on your side on this, believe me, but I do wish you would warn people when links are going to take them to clunky slow-moving.pdfs, and also I wish you would refer to people as "who"s not "that"s, and it does seem to me that before "eighteen" the article is "an," not "a." I'm not just an anti-corporatist anti-militarist California Democrat but a Virgo, and little things like that really bug me.


The Mathmos said...

Maybe American intellectuals should concern themselves with something else than factional team-playing in this very dark moment of the Obama administration :

Dale Carrico said...

"Something." The usual vacuity -- one never fails to marvel at your radicality.

The Mathmos said...

No doubt the mere fact of my replying to you will “bore” you instantly, but I’d think opposition to extra-judicial assassination has nothing to do with radicalism. By the same token, opposition to any government willing to impose extra-judicial assassination powers over the rest of us doesn’t make one a radical, I should think.

Funny that you should play that same “radical/revolutionary” card again and again, as if to taunt me (and others) on my hip, unrealistic ideological purity – you know, exactly the accusations leveled by the whole conservative establishment against its enemies, chief among them the left-academia from which you hail.

Is that a case of “I know you are but what I am” having gone to your head?

Dale Carrico said...

First you announce that "something" unspecified be done, then, after I point out that this utterance is characteristically content-free you respond by comparing me rather hilariously to a conservative despite the endless evidence to the contrary. The indifference to actual substance marches endlessly on. I will say you have managed to be rather prophetic, however: this exchange is indeed boring me.