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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stupak's Living Hell

The "Highly Principled" woman-hater Bart Stupak is whining that his efforts to make already aggressively anti-choice healthcare reform even more murderous are making his life a "living hell." I daresay all his philandering Republican fundy friends in The Family can be counted on to console him in these troubled times. As will, no doubt, the sinister wizened whites of the US Conference of Bishops in their bishopricks... though those pesky nun ladies who actually have lady parts and deal daily with other ladies and their actual troubles may not be quite so encouraging of Stupak's killer crusade.

Abortion is a legal medical procedure that something like one in three women in this country will make recourse to over the course of their lives. It should be safe and accessible. There are no abortion clinics in any of the counties that comprise Stupak's vast district. None. Needless to say this renders access to a legal vitally important healthcare procedure enormously difficult for many young or poor or working women. You want to talk about a living hell, Stupak, you pampered premodern prick?

The pretzels the feudal theocratic woman-hating anti-choice minority of Democrats are forcing a vastly righteously Pro-Choice Democratic party into through their threats to derail the party's nearly century old signature issue over their patriarchal anti-choice fetish is a frank obscenity. Abortion is a legal medical procedure and healthcare reform is being incessantly framed as a "healthcare bill, not an abortion bill" to accommodate these shrivel-dicked shrivel-souled jackholes, with the consequence that abortion is being incessantly ritually separated from the healthcare it actually palpably urgently obviously is.

I'm glad that Stupak feels his efforts to make life a living hell for so many millions of his fellow American citizens is making his own life a "living hell," though I suspect he's just a whiny white guy for whom the least minor inconvenience gets hyperbolized into a hissy fit. I understand he's already got a primary challenger, and I hope every day for the rest of his life he can revel in the "living hell" of the principled disdain of his sane sensible decent peers for his oh so brave stand for murderous patriarchal theocratic feudalism.

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Jackie said...

Have you seen this ridiculous video by a phony non-profit called "Population Research Institute"?

Many things about this video and website annoy me, but the most blatant annoyance is the simple fact that it is just a propaganda front for a one-man anti-abortionist who claims to show the 'real facts' about overpopulation. The attempt at being hip along with the young-sounding matter-of-fact narrator is just the icing on this incredibly bogus cake.

How infuriating that they slip in there (so innocuously) the fact that 'since only women can have children'... pretending, like all conservatives do, that just because natural history or history itself has had a certain way of doing things that we are therefore incapable of actually thinking and coming up with innovative, progressive solutions to problems that have previously been solved only by oppression (in this case, slavery of women in the household and the limiting of their rights).

The website itself refers to 'the agenda of the radical feminists' (what the hell?) who are trying to destroy our traditional ideas of family. So this 'research institute' has to now resort to vacuous labeling to try and get their point across, stooping as low as the talk-show radio hosts who tend to be nothing more than squealing hate-mongers without any actually substance behind their rhetoric?

Where are the facts on this website? Oh, that's right, such people only invoke facts when it is convenient for them! As a woman and a lover of science, I'm rightly offended that, once again, a white male is trying to invoke science and factual reality to oppress the oh so radical, emotional, chaotic, liberal feminine half of the population, while also not having any actual science on the website, just links to some of this man's writing (how odd that one man's perspective is given the high title of Science, when true science is the continuous and rigorous testing of hypothesis by many thousands of researchers working in an academic community... oh, but why am I even pretending that such theocratic re-gressives would be rational anyway? Well, I have to admit, it does annoy me that the videos even have 10,000 views).

The channel's video against healthcare is also atrocious, for many of the same reasons.