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Thursday, February 18, 2010

MundiMuster! Public Option Whip List — Has your senator taken a stand?

Rumors of the death of health care reform, and even of the Public Option would appear to exaggerated. Though cynics in the cheap seats aren't exactly risking much if they want to declare pre-emptive failure as usual, I think it would be better were we all to pressure our Senators to sign this letter demanding Reid pass the Public Option through reconciliation with fifty votes.

There are already enough senatorial eminences on board (among them some who are already fundraising off their signing of the letter, which suggests an encouragingly realistic assessment of the politics on the ground) that it is clear that this is not merely a quixotic or nostalgic indulgence. The speed with which these signatures are mounting suggests the kind of momentum that might be put to constructive use. Pressure your senators to keep that momentum building.

Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Democracy for America:
Some bold senators started a letter calling on Majority Leader Harry Reid to pass the public health insurance option through "reconciliation," which only needs a simple majority in the Senate.

If your Democratic senator didn't sign yet, can you type your name below and call them today? ([They] give you a script.)

The link takes you to an ever-revised list of signatories as well as providing organizational resources to help pressure more senators to sign. As of now there are seventeen Senators who have signed, among them both of my Senators, but I'm off to teach and so off the computer for a few hours to come, so I can't follow the ongoing accumulation of signatories, much as I would to do so.

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