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Monday, November 09, 2009

Still More Dispersal of Blue Dogmatic Stupak Mentality

via The Hill
After indicating that she could live with the Stupak amendment in an interview Monday morning, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) said tonight that she opposes the measure because it overreaches in restricting access to abortions.

Again, encouraging. Again, expected. Again, necessary.


Impertinent Weasel said...

The Stupak amendment, vile as it is, heartens me in that it seems to be one of the very last arrows in the Republican quiver. When you're losing the debate, change the subject.

But today I was thinking that poor whites -- a nontrivial fraction of the Republican base -- must be looking at each other saying, "Remind me again why I'm against finally getting adequate health care for me and my family?" These folks have been voting against their own interests for years, and the Republican leadership knows it has to keep them from actually thinking about the subject. It seems to me there's no better issue than abortion when it comes to keeping poor whites voting against their own interests.

From this perspective, I wonder if changing the subject to abortion is meant to do double-duty as a fallback for Republicans leading up to the mid-terms. Republican congresspeople are going to have to go back to their poor white districts and explain why they voted against a bill that would have changed the lives of their constituents for the better. They're probably planning their principled, pro-life spin as we speak.

Dale Carrico said...

Unfortunately, it's Democrats. Mostly old mostly white mostly neo-confererate mostly c-streetin' Christianist mostly Blue Dogmatic Democrats who are the problem here. Blech.