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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lola Montes

Criterion is finally releasing Max Ophuls' Lola Montes, February 16, 2010. If this offering is anything like as good as their releases of Earrings of Madame de (my favorite), le Plaisir, and la Ronde (all fabulous), it should be shatteringly beautiful to watch. My DVD of Lola is a foggy scratchy muddy thing that is like an Encyclopedia Britannica educational documentary to watch and still it manages to tear at you, I can hardly wait for the whole Criterion treatment.

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jimf said...

> Criterion is finally releasing Max Ophuls' Lola Montes. . .

Also to be available in Blu-ray:

Les Cossacks attaquent!

I'm awfully tempted to buy this for a film-buff friend of mine (it
would be his first Blu-ray disc), but I'd have to buy him the
Blu-ray player too. (And he'd have to buy the HDTV! [*])

I've already bought one Blu-ray player as a holiday gift this
season (an Oppo BDP-83, highly recommended ).

Well, maybe come February I'll be in the mood to spend more


[*] You can watch Blu-ray discs (at least on the Oppo) on a
standard TV. The player will downconvert the video resolution,
with the appropriate setup-menu selections.