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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Futurological Brickbats

We can use the master's tools to dismantle the master's house, indeed we must do so, because in taking up the master's tools and turning them to unheard of tasks we make the tools our own.


Jarrett said...

I'm framing a lecture around this phrase at SFAI Dec 2nd. Are you the attribution - Dale on Audre?

Dale Carrico said...

I'm definitely figuring people know the Lorde quote I'm subversively mis-citing, just as I'm assuming the same of the Goldman quote next door. I have to admit I don't personally ever write anything with expectations about attribution in mind -- attribution is so twentieth century, Heather.

Jarrett said...

How post-modern of you.

Any ways, I would love it if you want to attend my
"performance piece as art history lecture" the evening of December 2nd at SFAI, but that might break the fact that apparently I am never supposed to see you again...or something.

With all possible love - Bunny Watson

Dale Carrico said...

Never attribute to malice or disdain anything I do that might be attributed instead to agoraphobia, laziness, and compounding guilt. By the way, is it the subversive mis-citation or the disinterest in attribution that you are thinking of as post-modern of me? I wish I understood better what people mean by post-modern. For what it's worth, my inclination to mis-citation likely derives from Wilde, and my disinclination to care so much about attribution likely derives from Tolstoy, so I suspect my attitudes are the furthest imaginable thing from deserving to be regarded as fashionable or cutting-edge in the least, as these things seem to be reckoned. I think I was always much more a stick in the mud than I ever managed to be a proper enfant terrible. And at my age the latter would be particularly unsightly.

Jarrett said...

Never malice nor disdain percieved or projected from my end.

Hopefully between the semesters we can dispell the "laziness and guilt" which I actually believe to be tremendous work load and we can tackle that agoraphobia thing together. Think COPYCAT - me Holly, you Sigourney (hopefully without a psychopath's involvement.)

I miss you terribly, and that is all.