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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Climate Change Apparently Becomes Real Only When It Becomes Unprofitable for the Rich

[Republican Governor of Utah Gary] Herbert's reluctance to acknowledge that greenhouse gases contribute to global warming quietly frustrates Utah ski resorts that depend on state marketing money, but it openly infuriates industry officials elsewhere who liken it to having a debate about whether the world is flat.

Yes, the debate with the climate-change denialists has been like that for quite some time now.

Apparently, as more rich people begin to feel the pinch of that reality in their profits, some actual reality might actually get to be treated as reality for real.

It really is too bad to what extent the feedback to which governance can most comfortably and consistently respond in its efforts to solve shared problems are market signals arising out of an insanely rigged hyperbolically speculative in defiance of all sense relentlessly externalizing profit-taking rationality with an attention span governed by news cycles and quarterly reports.

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Dagon said...

I predict the next bubble will be one driven by shilling, PR agencies and lobbyists!