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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Republicans "Know" About Iran What They Always "Know"

We must bomb bomb bomb with our bombs of muscular Baby Jesus love or else the brown people will say pale pee pees are wee.


B M said...

Very odd indeed. This is the first I've heard of the "brown people" card being played with the Iran situation. It has nothing to do with "brown people". Of course, you make your ignorance of Iran obvious when you refer to it as "brown" because it is not. Many Iranians are no "browner" than many Europeans and Israelis. You are a simple stupid silly child.

Dale Carrico said...

If this is indeed the "first time" you've heard of anybody deploying racism in their warmongering against Iran I have to assume you haven't been listening to the Right. At all. Yes, I am quite aware that Iranians are no "browner" than Europeans -- as I am also aware that many Europeans are also more brown than not, just as I also know that all racism is pseudo-scientific idiocy. I don't know if you are calling me racist for exposing racism because you are a right wing shill indulging a fairly conventional right-wingnut gambit, or if you simply jumped to an overhasty conclusion that has lead you badly astray. Your eagerness to declare me a "simple stupid silly child" for my expression of skepticism for and dislike of indiscriminate bombing of furriners doesn't speak particularly well for you, however.

Bahar M said...

I don't know if you are calling me racist for exposing racism because you are a right wing shill indulging a fairly conventional right-wingnut gambit

I am simply exposing your simple view of the Iran situation.

I'm certainly not a "right wing shill" but as of part azeri/persian-jew heritage, I must admit that I would be nothing less than delighted to see the current regime--along with their basij and hamas "helpers"--ousted asap.

Dale Carrico said...

I'm certainly no fan of the current authoritarian regime in Iran. And I do not approve idiotic insinuations from war mongers that only those who indulge in playground bully-talk or advocate pre-emptive slaughters truly abhor tyranny.

Nor do I accept your self-appointment to represent the views of all people of azeri/persian jew heritage -- if that's the point of your declaration on that score. I think we can safely assume that folks whose heritage is comparable to your own exhibit the usual range and complexity of political views as folks who don't, and will include any number of reasonable people more inclined to agree with me than you on the questions at hand.

That said, I really simply must disagree with you if you think the usual dumb-dumb swinging-dick bellicosity on the part of the US can facilitate anything remotely like actually democratizing regime change in Iran -- rather than ramping up the usual anti-Americanism that bolsters nationalistic support for an otherwise fragile regime.

Further, I find it hard to believe any actually informed person would deny that idiotic racism articulates no small amount of that kind of bellicosity in mostly right-wing hawkish American foreign policy discourse.

All of which was pithily and acerbically registered in the throwaway wisecrack to which you took exception in the first place, of course. If you are making the point that a one-line zinger failed to capture all the nuances relevant to a full and proper accounting of the politics of the present moment in Iran in relation to the US, well, that's both true and obviously beside the point. Who in their right mind would mistake a snarky one-liner with a policy paper?

Are you sure you aren't just jumping to conclusions to no good purpose and picking fights for no sensible reason?