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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Futurological Brickbats

It is always magical thinking to declare an outcome need only be profitable for it to be possible.


Dagon said...

Yah interesting.

While we are at it, can you comment on the following articles? I am curious to hear what you take is in what appears to finally be some fundamental progress. Is this progress, if true, irreversible?

I emphasize I am no obamaist - I am far too left wing socialist for that. No, I am a critic of the US system as well as the unacceptable sentiments some americans on the right have, and I want that changed. And I dont care how that happens, "if the price is right".

So give me a serious discussion, DQ.

Dale Carrico said...

When I want assignments from you I'll enroll in your course. I do hope you have offered up serious discussion of these articles on your own damn blog. As it is, this seems to me scarcely distinguishable from spam.

jimf said...


Yes, Charlie Stross is always interesting.

Of course, if you want the other side, from a genu-wine American
(a Virginia gentleman who, it sometimes seems to me, fancies himself
John Carter of Mars), you can always read