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Friday, June 12, 2009

New Theory Concerning Summer Teaching Exhaustion...

Could it be... LowT?


jimf said...

Dale wrote:

> New Theory Concerning Summer Teaching Exhaustion...
> Could it be... LowT?

Well, you know, Andrew Sullivan is big on T.

( )

> My own encounter with testosterone came about for a simple medical
> reason. I am H.I.V.-positive, and two years ago, after a period
> of extreme fatigue and weight loss, I had my testosterone levels
> checked. It turned out that my body was producing far less testosterone
> than it should have been at my age. No one quite knows why, but
> this is common among men with long-term H.I.V. The usual treatment
> is regular injection of artificial testosterone, which is when I
> experienced my first manhood supplement.

I suppose you could have your T levels checked, too, if
you've got a doctor who is sympathetic to the idea (though
I suspect that most would **not** be -- most doctors aren't
keen on patients who self-diagnose, in any case).

Keep us posted, if you manage to wangle a prescription for the "success
hormone". You'll have to learn how to give yourself shots in the
thigh or butt, you know. Some of the FTM transgender folks
who post on YouTube have provided helpful videos of the process!
( E.g., ).

Maureen Dowd said...

Ladies love to take estrogen supplementation as they get older. It makes perfect sense that testosterone supplementation would also help men as they age (some of them look like they really need it...). Feel better!