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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Maher's Latest New Rules


Anonymous said...

I've got a rather crazy suggesting for you:

Why don't you run for office and attempt to start a new political party? I mean, with your talents with language and your views on many, many issues, I'm sure that you could drum up a good amount of grassroots support.

Honestly, if this country's has as many progressives as it seems, I think a gay man who works in academia at Berkeley would actually stand a bit of a chance.

But then again, I'm quite far to the left, and thus my views on America are likely somewhat skewed from the average.

But hell, you'd get my vote (along with Bill Maher's, it seems)!

Dale Carrico said...

What have I ever done to you that you would wish such a thing on me as elected public office? But quite apart from that, I can assure you that a queer atheist vegetarian feminist anti-racist anti-corporatist anti-militarist intellectual aesthete such as myself could scarcely be elected dog catcher even here in the comparatively progressive hotbed of the Bay Area.