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Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Reader Comments

Over in the Moot, Robin writes:
I work professionally in AI, have for a decade, and had to look up this [Singularitarian] Yudkowsky bloke after seeing his name here several times. He can be the mortal god to the fanboys if he wants, because his name is non-existent in my field.

Also: I was teaching Aquinas on the Cosmological Argument on Monday. One of the famous "5 Ways" arguments for the existence of god is, straightforwardly, "Superlativity." We know 'good' and 'not as good,' therefore, there must be something that is 'the most good' causing those things, and this is god. My Intro Philosophy students who know it's the last week of classes and have their minds focused firmly on sitting outside and never doing philosophy again were ALL able to point out how absurd this argument is, and *why*. Yet somehow, the self-described scientific geniuses can't see the conceptual misunderstandings here and how their robotgod is the same as Aquinas' heavenlygod?


jimf said...

> . . .the mortal god to the fanboys. . .

Phil Hendrie and Sam Vaknin, Part 1

Phil Hendrie and Sam Vaknin, Part 2

jimf said...

> Phil Hendrie and Sam Vaknin. . .

There's also "Ich bin ein Psychopath" in 9 parts --
an English-language documentary, dubbed into German.

Part 1 of 9:

(Unfortunately, I do not speak German.)

jimf said...

> "Ich bin ein Psychopath"

"I, Psychopath" is the English-language title.
The film is described at:

(Unfortunately, the film itself isn't there, but there's a brief

(via )