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Monday, March 30, 2009

Zombie Wisdom From the Washington Press Corpse

No President has used a TelePrompter before Obama and since nobody has ever heard Obama say anything that wasn't fed to him by a TelePrompter we must entertain the possibility that our President is a Pod Person. It would be unserious, nay, the height of irresponsibility not to game out these scenarios endlessly on the tee vee in the midst of our nation's present distress.

Of course, in fact every President has used a TelePrompter since they arrived on the scene (although, it is true, few as consummately as Obama does -- but then, Obama does many things consummately well), of course, Obama has spoken off-the-cuff and conversationally and unprepared endlessly many times, and while he tends to becomes a bit more professorial and ironic in these moments (and it's true that sort of thing tends to push Amurca's dumbass anti-intellectual buttons to his cost, although at present this anti-intellectualism is trumped a tad by Amurca's sheeple looking for daddy to save them buttons in times of crisis so they're cutting him some slack as an egghead expert, but who can doubt that he'll reap the whirlwind come re-election time when another would you have a beer with him crisis erupts)than he does in his prepared speechifying he is still conspicuously intelligent, thoughtful, flexible, generous, and of course, our last president really was a brainless pod person ventriloquizing a cabal of literally evil neocons who brought the country to the brink of economic and ecological ruin while seeking to install a police state, but, hey, whatev.

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Anonymous said...

Dale, since you are a rhetorician, what's your take on the Obama administration dropping the visceral terms like "War on Terror" and "toxic assets" for more innocuous terms like "overseas contigency operations" and "legacy assets"?