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Monday, January 26, 2009

Zombie Wisdom from the Washington Press Corpse

President Obama is breaking his promise of bipartisanship unless he capitulates to the will of the discredited despised losing Republican minority on questions of taxes, torture and indefinite detention, and abortion.


jimf said...

> Obama is breaking his promise. . . unless he capitulates. . . on questions of. . .
> torture and indefinite detention. . .

Yeah, what the hell is that about, anyway? Suddenly last week,
on newspaper front pages and on the talking heads shows I'm
regaled with at the diner, everybody seemed to be concerned
that Obama was going off half-cocked by signing the order to
close Guantanamo. And the press seemed to be taking this
quite seriously -- there was an article (was it in the Times
or the Wall Street Journal?) about how one guy who got
out of Guanatanamo is now an al Queda chief, or something,
and about how this case would sharpen the political
opposition to closing the prison. And the tone of some
of the talking heads -- quoting Dick Cheney about how
"well, if he asked my advice, he'd take a long look
at the reasons for the policies the previous administration
put in place, and not act hastily" -- seemed to be
suggesting, not too subtly, that the new president
is indeed a loose cannon who doesn't know what the
hell he's doing and is going to endanger American
lives as a result.

Dale Carrico said...

Yeah, it's pretty amazing. The message seems to be "if Obama can't instantly fix the unprecedented catastrophes of the Bush Administration this will vindicate... the Bush Administration?"