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Monday, January 19, 2009

Would You Hit It?


Dale Carrico said...

In a heartbeat. Indeed, I'll go so far as to say that the addition of goat parts is one of the few things that ever managed to render James McAvoy more than indifferently pretty in any of his film roles (yeah, I'd hit it anyway, are you kidding me?), leading me to think having more goat-folks about in general would be a fine idea.

As a public service to newcomers or infrequent readers of the blog, let me explain that "Would You Hit It?" is a dumb joke that became a regular "feature" (as dumb jokes often seem to do), seeking the answer -- and ideally its snarky elaboration -- from readers whether they would admit to a willingness or even eagerness to have dirty guilty hott sexy fun time with various lab-engineered or coded marginally humanoid creatures. The thought that all this silliness might incite unproductive anti-democratizing hysterical sex panics among bioconservatives and luddites everywhere is an added bonus. Definitely, you won't want to miss out on Centaur Wednesdays!

jimf said...

I actually fell in love, back in 1976, with a guy who
looked a **lot** like that. Except for, you know, the

Dale Carrico said...

Back in 1976 I was in love with Skylab.

jimf said...

> Back in 1976 I was in love with Skylab.

My old flame,
wish I could think of his name. . .
But there never was a gent
more debonair or elegant
than my old flame.

Anonymous said...

You know, in real life, the guy who plays Tumnus has a wonderful, chewy Scottish accent that just drives me crazy.