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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pope Rebels Against God's Queer Creation

Clearly the Pope has embarked upon a ruinous path of sacrilege all too likely to eventuate tragically in his eternal damnation in some hot hellish nook in refusing to support God's many actually existing intersex creatures and in declaring "unnatural" the homosexual behaviors that God in His infinite Wisdom and Incomparable Fashion Sense has seen fit to render ubiquitous across His Natural Creation. Setting aside the pesky genocidal implications of the Pope's recent "controversial" pronouncements, I must admit that the Pope's chosen analogy attempting to connect his own pet project to eradicate earthly human sexual and morphological diversity with the more widely affirmed project to preserve the ecosystemic diversity of the earth's rainforests simply doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, though I cannot say that I expect a lot of scientific or logical good sense to issue from the Vatican, as a rule, any more than I do from the Saddleback Church. That these statements are being uttered by a man in a dress at the head of a males-only club known for its taste for boy bottom doesn't help.


John Howard said...

Hi Dale,

It might make more sense if you remember that GMO food is considered a threat to ecological diversity. To preserve ecological diversity, we should not stifle or thwart natural fertilization and try to replace it with commercial labs and random scientists doing what they think will make better crops.

In the same way, moving away from natural conception for human beings threatens our diversity, if people are given the option to purchase improved genes for their children, or told that it would be wrong for them to use their own genes to have children naturally.

Hope that helped shed some light on Dignitas Personae and this pronouncement.

Dale Carrico said...

I'm not a crop, jack, but, hey, baby, by all means you and your Nazi Pope should just keep on keeping on in your brave project to "protect diversity" from the difference I presumably represent in my queerness. Happy Festivus.

Anonymous said...

Your logic is fresh and new. I think I'll call it the "naturalistic fallacy," or, "how to justify murder, pedophilia, rape, and pretty much anything else."

Anonymous said...

P.S., forgot your kudos: you obviously have a first-rate intellect, and like most progressives, you're a real critical thinker.

Merry Christmas!

JM Inc. said...

Yeah, a Festivus for the restofus!

Well.... actually, in this case presumably not. Oh well, I'm sure Papa Ratzi knows where we can all [expletive deleted] off to and what we can all do while there so that we're not all destroying the world (Gaia knows I don't know what he wants us to do!). For our protection, of course (why else would it be?).

And I know we're all so glad to have this chap who seems never to have heard of binary fission pontificating to the world community about ecological diversity in the "created order" and its implications for the perfectly righteous, and (more importantly) normal desire to sculpt the purest race in the image of god, given that god obviously needs all the help his divine masculinity can get.

Dale, maybe you should write something about the deranging effects of the institution of the Papacy on world discourses, yes?

This is what you get when you divorce ethics from well-being, volks.

And by way of answering what you said, there are really real reasons why GMOs can be dangerous to biodiversity. These are, none of them, relevant to human society or biodiversity (in fact, humans are one of the least biodiverse broadly ranging species on the planet); this is, of course, setting aside the blatant, untouched-upon eugenic assumptions and implications of what you're saying. But I suspect that, like all eugenicists, you have no real clue about the biology of species and ecosystem biodiversity.

But hey, that's cool, dude! Whatever lets you sleep soundly with the thought that certain people really ought to be made to go away somehow. If only they would all just go away!

Happy Festivus, dude. May you find love in unexpected places in the new year.

Dale Carrico said...

JM wrote: "[T]here are really real reasons why GMOs can be dangerous to biodiversity. These are, none of them, relevant to human society... this is, of course, setting aside the blatant, untouched-upon eugenic assumptions and implications of what you're saying."

I'm fairly sure the "you" here refers to John Howard and not to me. Be that as it may, I agree with all this wholeheartedly, including the fact that "can be" was chosen over "is," even if "usually are for now, contrary to coporate-militarist PR" is the assessment we might offer up in the present more often than not.

As for the deranging effects of the Papacy I find myself thinking of Sinead tearing up a certain photo and calling upon the world to repudiate the real enemy...