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Friday, December 19, 2008

Conservative Commentariat Surveys the Wreckage

A dozen thinkers of the Movement Conservative Epoch stare into the abyss and scratch their heads.

Want it in a nutshell?

Movement Conservatism


Delusive Reckless Greed


Scapegoating Hatespeech

Minus Authoritarian Desire to Rule or be Ruled


Literally Nothing At All.

This Is Actually A Problem.


Martin said...

And Bill Kristol actually said this?

"I can't help but admire some of my fellow conservatives' loyalty to the small-government cause. It reminds me of the nobility of Tennyson's Light Brigade, as it charges into battle: 'Theirs but to do and die.' Maybe it would be better, though, first to reason why."

Holy shit.

Dale Carrico said...

I must say it felt a little... tectonic.

Ryan McReynolds said...

Wait, the Movement Conservative Epoch had thinkers? Who knew?