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Monday, October 27, 2008

Up Is Down

[via TPM]
Last week, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R) squared off in a debate with Democratic challenger Bruce Lunsford. But on Lunsford's podium a GOP operative had placed a small voice recorder, presumably to pick up some off-mic comments Lunsford might make -- apparently a violation of the debate rules. When [the operative] went up to Lunsford after the debate to demand his recorder back, Lunsford said, "No you won't get it back"...

[Now] the chairman of McConnell's campaign have filed a criminal complaint against Lunsford for petty larceny and destruction of property -- because of the erasure [of the illegal recording].

[I]s there really an affirmative responsibility to return your opponent's campaign bug after you discover it?

If the details of this story are accurate as I'm hearing them, the question for me is just how lacking in self-consciousness do you have to be to try to score points accusing the one who seeks to defend himself against your illegality of illegality? Oh, I guess, all you have to be is a Republican.

The fact that the campaign in question here is Mitch McConnell's in Kentucky, which appears a bit desperate in a tight race that I certainly expected to be utterly beyond reach of a challenger suggests that Election night may be full of surprises.

Let's just hope "successful" Republican election theft sold by corporate media fluffers as expressions of the bogus "Bradley Effect" and backed up by domestic army units freshly empowered to police "unrest" at Executive order aren't the surprises we end up having to swallow...

Vote! In numbers too great to distort or to steal. Vote, vote, vote!

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Martin said...

As a Kentucky resident, after the presidential race, this is my next best reason for voting.