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Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Buying It

[Graphic via the incomparable, indispensable]

So, when the Villagers handwave about a "tightening race" is it that they think we really have access to no information at all? Do they really think we still uncritically buy these whomped up story lines? Even after they facilitated the stolen elections in 2000 and 2004 and cheerlead us into a catastrophic immoral illegal idiotic and unpopular war and occupation of choice in Iraq? Honestly?

McCain can't win except by stealing it. Simple as that. The negatives have been all but insurmountable since before McCain sewed up the Nomination for anybody with eyes to see them, and all the Killer Clowns jumping ship and pulling out the long knives in these final days tell the tale more pithiliy and nastily than I could do.

There is no Bradley Effect. There is no tightening race. There is no on-the-margins electoral strategy for McCain that doesn't ultimately translate to "fascist putsch."

McCain can't win the Election democratically. We still need to vote in unprecedented numbers and with unprecedented energy for Obama, but this is because we need to prevent fascists from stealing the election at the margins, and we need to provide the Obama Administration an adequate supermajority to overcome Republican obstructionism to the hard work from us all and real costs to pampered elites that needs doing if we are not to become an outright failed state over the next few years.

Notice, by the way, that McCain's brief Convention Bounce amounts to a blip on a data terrain endlessly testifying otherwise to the Republican Negatives of the unprecedentedly failed Bush Administration and catastrophic consummation of "Movement Republican" corporate-militarism sold through Christianist PR and the politics of Nixonian resentment. That brief blip is actually more a "Palin Bounce" than a Convention Bounce, properly so-called, and is best conceived as the same sort of delusive clutching at straws that Movement Republican True Believers could have whomped up if a meteor had struck outside the Republican Convention and a few Fox News anchors claimed to see the face of Ayn Rand in the embers. It was one last ditch ejaculation of True Belief in the face of reality before America actually got to know Palin and saw that she is indeed the same old dumb elitist theocratic story they've already left for dead among the ruins of the Washington Consensus and the Gipper's pomade.


Martin said...

I'm still registered where I was registered for the 2006 election, but I plan on driving 70 miles back to vote, even though I live in a solidly red state where McCain has no chance to win. This is for two reasons, 1) to boost the popular vote and give Obama that much more of a mandate, and 2) to help Lunsford in what could be an upset of McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader (what a coup that would be!).

I don't know about the legality of it, but I know I won't get caught, since my driver's license still has the old address. I also don't think it's immoral. You have to consider that I will only be voting once, just not in the place that I've been living for the last three months, but in the place where I lived for the previous two years, and so, on that note, I'm probably more qualified to vote in the old district.

Antonin said...

The “could-go-either-way” thriller single-mindedly propped up by the MSM against all better judgment could actually constitute a boon to voter turnout come election night. Wouldn’t too much confidence in a Democratic victory lead to complacency in some circles? And maybe a more ambiguous, more easily-manipulated electoral result?

Or maybe the MSM narrative is only meant at energizing the “republican-in-denial” independents?

(At this point, I hope all this blogtalk about election stealing is largely rhetorical.)

M said...

Of course, I obviously meant OBAMA has no chance to win.