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Monday, October 27, 2008

If Only

In another sign of the ugly desperation and complete unscrupulousness to be found now in even what seemed securely GOP races for the leading incumbent "luminaries" of the Killer Clown party, this mailer from the Elizabeth Dole campaign accuses her Democratic opponent of promoting, of all things, the gay atheist agenda.

As a queer atheist -- and, hell, I'll admit it, a vegetarian, too -- of many decades' standing I do wish somebody would let me in on this agenda I've been hearing about so portentiously all these years for crying out loud. I'd be so down with it if only the Great Gay Atheist Illuminati would see fit to find me worthy of being a mere footsoldier in support of The Cause!


Anisa said...

I had no idea until I saw this and looked up "gay, atheist, eating babies" on Google that atheism and eating babies were even remotely connected. As if the first rule a person would break now that they're no longer bound by god's authority is to eat that baby we've all been denying ourselves.
Honestly, how is this a real assault on anyone's agenda, except for like..wild animals who enter villages at night?

JM Inc. said...

Oh, take it from them, you're definitely a ranking obersturmbannfĂĽhrer. You know all academics, public intellectuals, and all the rest of us garden variety non-know-nothings are in on it too.

Yes, our institutions of higher learning are most definitely for the purpose of indoctrinating the impressionable Western youth into the slackerly, morally relativistic, emotionally deadening, funhouse mirrors religion of most heinous Postmodernistism.

And you thought they hadn't noticed!