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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Funny Face Helps Make Amor Mundi More Positive

Think pink when you want that quelque chose.


jimf said...


It was two years after the war when I began my journey
to what my father called the "Sodom" of the north:
New York.

Call me Stingo, which was the nickname I was known by
in those days, if I was called anything at all.

I'd barely saved enough money to write my novel --
for I wanted and hoped and dreamed to be a writer.

But my spirit had remained locked, unacquainted with love
and a stranger to death.

Even back then cheap apartments were hard to find
in Manhattan.

And so began my voyage of discovery in a place as
strange as Brooklyn.


I know... You're thinking about the pink.
Everybody does.

See, my late husband Saul, he got this bargain:
hundreds and hundreds of gallons of this
navy surplus paint.

I guess they didn't have much use for pink on
those boats, hm?


Ok, I'll take it.

_Sophie's Choice_

Anonymous said...

Dale, where are you? We need a voice of reason in the midst of whatever that was I just saw (on tee-vee).