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Thursday, September 25, 2008

To Speak of The Future Is Always to Lie

There may be more to it, there may be some sense in it, but it really pays always to remember that to speak of The Future is always to lie and to hear tell of The Future is always to be lied to.


Martin said...

As of 10:20 pm EDT, the bailout plan appears to have failed. Anyone want to make bets on how far the DJIA will tumble tomorrow?

My bet? 500 pts.

And since there's nothing left to discuss in Washington, game on with the debate!

Dale Carrico said...

One hundred quatloos on the newcomers!

VVi11y said...


"the sun will come up tomorrow"

Dale Carrico said...

I refer to people who speak of "The Future" in the manner of futurists, futurologically. See, The Future Is a Racket.

VVi11y said...

Ah, I got it. Not the future, but "The Future!!1!".

While I'm at it, I'd like to take this opportunity to get some help.

Chalmers Johnson, in his books, outlines that the US, as it declines, will go in either of 2 directions: A militarist state as in the Roman Empire, or a shrinking democracy, like the British Empire.
Given this current crisis, it seems we have now reached that fork in the road.

Would you happen to know of any criticisms of Johnson's arguments? Is he right?


A review of Nemesis:

An hour long talk from him about the same:

Dale Carrico said...

I found all three of the books in his Blowback Trilogy compelling, personally.