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Sunday, September 28, 2008

To Know Know Know Her Is To Loath Loath Loath Her

Alaskans are rising up in ever greater numbers to protest against their oh so "beloved" and "popular" Governor (worst vetting evah). No doubt, these protestors are all witches lookin' to get hunted like moose in La Palin's opinion.

I like the guy whose sign said, "Hey, Governor Palin, I can see the end of your career from my house."

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Robin said...

That sign is wonderful.

One day on Twitter, there was a burst of activity where everyone simply twittered lines analogous to Palin's absurd Russia claims. Things like: "I can see the moon from my yard - I'm an astronaut!" and "I can see a tree out the window - I'm a botanist!"

It's one of those times I really regret that I can't hug the abstract entity of the Internet.