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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

McClellan: No Prick of Conscience, Just a Prick

For those sweet-souled rubes who incline to the view that there was some sort of change of heart at the birth of Scotty McClellan's new tell-all expose of the warcrimes, illegal spying and propagandizing, and flabbergasting derelictions of the Killer Clown Bush Administration I am here to tell you, very much to the contrary, that all there has likely been here is an exchange of dollars.

A man with a heart to change would not have lied about 9/11, about Iraq, about Katrina, about Plamegate in the first place. McClellan has no conscience, he has a price.

It's an interesting indication (one more among many) of the extent to which the wheels have come off the clown cart to realize that the Bushites didn't have the sense to hush li'l Scotty by meeting his price otherwise.

Needless to say the rats still on board the sinking ship of Movement Conservatism are sliming McClellan's truth-talk, but there is little doubt that most of the rats who fail to go down with the ship will be writing their own self-serving testimonials soon enough. It is amusing that among the rat smears prominently in play is the assertion that in telling his belated and lucrative truths Scotty sounds like a "left-leaning blogger" -- which sounds like free promotional discourse for the left blogosphere when all is said and done rather than a particularly damning indictment.

But be all that as it may, rather than buying his book and filling his pockets with still more filthy lucre to supplement his salary as shill for a death-dealing criminal administration in the first place I suggest you all buy Rick Perlstein's Nixonland instead. As for the doughy dullard's confirmations of so many of the truths we have known all along -- despite his own lies to the contrary when it mattered most -- I suggest you just read the choice bits as they are made available online for free.


arturus said...

Dale, you're right about McClellan, of course, but your points stand just as well, and better, without the fat-shaming rhetoric thrown in. It's unnecessary, harmful, and I'm honestly surprised to see it from you.

Dale Carrico said...

That's fair enough, arturus, although it isn't exactly what I had in my mind. I'm struck by the fact that Cheney, Rove, McClellan and the rest as actual exemplars of evil seem far more to approximate the surreally harmless-seeming while in fact actually-catastrophic Ghostbusters monster than the reptillian razorlike raptors who people much of the popular imagination of wickedness. My point was to say that the Killer Clowns seem like affable schmoos and softies than to say that they are fat. But my intentions aren't all that matters in a case like this, of course -- I'm definitely sorry if non-modelthin-bodied people (among whose number I count myself these days in my latest married middle-aged sluggish-metabolismed incarnation, by the way) might have felt denigrated by my comment.

Eric said...

Around this house the term 'doughy', as applied to a person, means 'soft and pale'. That is to say, a person who has been coddled and hasn't had to work hard (or at all) for the privilege they have.

arturus said...

That makes a lot of sense. This is an issue I've been making an effort to be more aware of lately, as I am quite thin myself, and haven't been that great about it in the past, so I've currently got myself set to something of a hair trigger on the issue.

De Thezier said...

Dale said:

rather than buying his book and filling his pockets with still more filthy lucre to supplement his salary as shill for a death-dealing criminal administration in the first place

Scott McClellan and the Public-Sector Privateers: McClellan is the latest official to capitalize on secrets from their public service -- his proceeds should go to reimburse the U.S. Treasury.