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Monday, April 07, 2008

Dispatches from Libertopia: Well Done, Vile Blackwater, Thou Good and Faithful Servant

[via Democracy Now!]
The State Department has announced it is extending the private military firm Blackwater’s contract in Baghdad for another year. The news comes despite an ongoing FBI investigation into the September 16th shooting in Baghdad where Blackwater guards were accused of killing seventeen Iraqi civilians. An earlier investigation by the Pentagon found that all seventeen Iraqis were killed as a result of unprovoked and unjustified fire by Blackwater operatives.

Of course, the actual Iraqi government tried to expel the unaccountable mercenary Blackwater from their nation, but why should their "liberators" start caring about what Iraqis want at this late date, after all? Freedom, as Dear Leader likes to say, is on the march!


Anonymous said...



Why is it the critics of this blog whine that there is nothing here but attacking on their robocult yet never appear to comment on anything else?

Politics? War? Music? Culture? Robots don't have time for that shit, eh?

Nick Tarleton said...

Why doesn't Dale comment on the random non-Singularity posts on (e.g.) Accelerating Future?

There are more personally interesting non-Robot Cult topics than the usual ones on this blog, and/or communities we like better (just because they're larger, even).