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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One Wonders

Southern California is on fire. One wonders if the California National Guard might have something else they could be doing right about now rather than being forced to kill and die in a catastrophic completely unpopular illegal war and occupation based on lies in Iraq.


b.w. rogers said...

... and if FEMA didn't have to wait for bush to officially declare southern california to be in a state of emergency in order to help out with the water-dropping. water-dropping in many places which, due to being quasi-nebulous 'unincorporated' cities, don't have a dedicated fire department in the first place.

first question i asked my mom upon news of the evacuation: "you took the cat, right?"

Greg in Portland said...

Amusingly (in the "isn't it funny when people die") sense, I just yesterday got my Oregon ballot for measure 49. This measure attempts to roll back some of the idiocy of measure 37, which essentially gutted Oregon's progressive land use policies in favor of "property rights", i.e. the right of everyone to turn their property into slumburbs so they can retire to someplace that doesn't have things like measure 37 (maybe Switzerland).

There's a huge propaganda campaign to defeat 49, of course, by the same landed aristocracy that pushed 37 down our throats . Wonder if anyone in Oregon will have the sense to put these things together and realize that unrestrained "development" in basically uninhabitable canyonland covered with "chaparral" (i.e the plant world's version of gasoline) was a bad idea in the first place.