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Monday, August 27, 2007

BTW, About the "Deal"

Harry Reid needs to set up a pro forma session of the Senate right now, or to implement some other workaround measure, since I fully expect Cheneynegans are forthcoming (as would literally anybody with any sense at this point). Although the official Gonzales resignation date may indeed reflect "the deal" Reid presumably made with Bush that there would be no Recess Appointments so that all our hardworking elite exemplars of "market discipline" can go on vacation, one has to assume that "the deal" (a facile gesture of "bipartisanship" with gangsters that already played into the catastrophically rushed Democratic FISA capitulation in my view) is circumventable in "extraordinary circumstances" which are sure to include pretty much any made up bullshit the conservatives say they do. The flabbergasting suggestion that the "gut feelings" of Michael Chertoff might be directing the Attorney General's office for what remains of the Criminal Clown College Administration's term suggests that, once again, as happened already when Abu Gonzales succeeded the calico-cat phobic John Ashcroft in the first place, things really can always get worse when it comes to Bush/Cheney, and that cronies can literally never fail too catastrophically to fall ever upward when gang loyality is the only thing that matters.

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Martin Striz said...

I had no idea what the calico-cat reference was, so, practicing proper netiquette, I googled "john ashcroft calico cat" instead of asking and wasting blogspace one what might otherwise be common knowledge (a propos: I've never seen The Godfather or Braveheart -- gasp! -- I know I can be so out-of-touch).

Anywho, the first hit was to Snopes, which identifies the calico-cat fear as false:

But if it were true, I suppose we could build a plausible model. You see, all calico cats are female. The mottled color pattern is due to X-inactivation.

And we all know that you can't trust anything with two X chromosomes (just look at what that one 2-Xer did with that apple).