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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Those Who Learn from History are Condemned to Suffer from (Not to Mention be Endlessly Bored by) the Antics of Ignoramuses Who Repeat It.

Reinventors of the wheel, squarers of the circle, rugged individualists, buyers into Ponzi Schemes, enthusiasts for quick fixes, and those who would live by the sword, I salute you!

On a completely unrelated note: To my singularitarian, technological immortalist, nanosantological, and technocratic readership, Greetings! Reductionism, scientisim, elitism, and hype aren't exactly new moves. It's not like we don't have any idea where these roads are likely to lead to.

1 comment:

jfehlinger said...

> . . .Not to Mention be Endlessly Bored by. . .

Oh, surely, that should be endlessly **entertained**
by (at least, while not actually suffering from ;-> ).