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Friday, July 21, 2006

Yes, We Think You Are A Prick.

Here's a nice Greenpeace Anti-SUV spot.


Anonymous said...

let's see here:

-greets coworkers happily
-thanks lady for coffee
-walks around all day, not causing trouble
-owns an SUV

i think we have ourselves a pedophile.

boo 'gas guzzlers', but booer greenpeace, for being assholes.

Dale Carrico said...

Nice people don't own SUVs. Well, I suppose some nice people who are also deluded pampered idiots might, but that is neither here nor there. In any case, assholes deserve to be treated like assholes. Often the discomfiting force of social disapproval is the only way, short of outright legal sanction, to nudge them from their destructive misbehavior.

I have absolutely no doubt that the "nice" white guy in the nice suit and tie participates in and benefits from the circulation of such norms all the time -- and so you will forgive me when I say that the spectacle of social disapproval he confronts in consequence of his objectively harmful insensitive behavior as an American dumbass consumer in an era of catastrophic climate change is not one many will weep over, certainly not me. My only regret is that the scene is a daydream and doesn't reflect reality.