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Monday, December 19, 2005

Tidying Up

You will have noticed a flurry of Pancryptics posts this morning. I have finally finished the blasted dissertation and am now scrambling to get the signatures of my committee members from the four corners of the earth so that the administrivial Eye of Power will finally confer the "PhD." that has felt a foregone but nonetheless endlessly delayed conclusion for months and months by now. Anyway, as of now the whole dissertation is more or less available on the blog. The truth is that the blog version differs from the official dissertation at this point because in quite a lot of places I've responded to substantial and editorial suggestions from so many readers that it has gotten too difficult to track everything and update the electronic version. When and if bits and pieces of the argument get published elsewhere, or possibly the whole thing as a book, I'm sure the writing will mutate further still. I have gone back into the blog and updated the chapter on David Brin, Markets With Eyes, since the comments I received produced some really substantial changes and I think the writing that remains is the best and most useful in the whole diss. As always, comments, questions, and especially criticisms are very welcome.

1 comment:

Robin Zebrowski said...

I still haven't had the time to read it, but I'm *really* anticipating doing so.

The real purpose of this is to say congratulations on finishing!!