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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Cackles from the Balcony: Heckuva Job Edition

[via Think Progress] In response to a question from Fox News anchor Brit Hume concerning how he feels about the performance of his Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, President Bush frankly flabbergastingly offered up the assessment that Rumsfeld is "Doing a Heckuva Good Job."

Yes, that's right.

Just as he said of FEMA Director Michael Brown in the midst of that laughably unqualified crony's catastrophically incompetent and immoral non-response to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, incompetence that assured the destruction -- which is ongoing, mind you -- of one of America's greatest cities (and no, by the way, the theme park for fat midwestern evangelical whites with which Republicans mean to replace New Orleans doesn't actually count as "reconstruction"), Bush has now said the very same thing of the smug word-salad-spewing Rumsfeld while corpses and debts and anti-American hostility all balloon across the globe under the direction of his manic baton.

Eric and I must admit to being dumbfounded.

Unprecedented devastation all around, domestic and foreign. Really, truly, it's impossible to parody. You try, and then yet again they blithely surpass you. A Heckuva Job, that.


Anonymous said...

Please - do save us all and run for President.

Lets see how far an overpaid, pseudo-educated twit like you gets in the public eye. Can you get 1% of the vote?

Do you have the courage to even try?

Come on, you have all the answers - step outside your weak-ass wall of safe Berkley-esque blinders and actually do something besides whirling around behind incognito reality.

mundi bs...

I grew up in Louisiana - one of the most corrupt states in America.
Their idea of progress? Bring in more gambling so that the locals can lose their 'welfare' checks.

Lets give the uneducated jobs making minimum dealing cards. Have you ever walked in to these places in Louisiana and looked around? Have you ever asked the people who they are, how much they make?

Lets invite all the losers of the world into the state. That was the Democrat answer. And then lets invite all the poor of the state in to gamble what little they do have - away! That was the Democrat answer.

Ohhh hold it - having said that, I would be doing the same BONE-HEADED thing you're doing - making biased assumptions that more people on both sides are not involved in the equation.

South Louisiana is a cess pool of corruption - led by the Democrats. I know, I grew up in the state and watched it fall parish by parish.

Unless you have lived there, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Democrat after democrat has led that failed state into a third-world like status. It is the democrat solutions which led to the poverty of New Orleans. It was largely hidden from party-goers, drunkards, gamblers and sexual purveyers of all types for years and years. But I saw it and so did many others.

Instead of the state actually dealing with the problem, they ignored it. The dirt, the garbage you saw washed up after Katrina? That was not a problem of 'one' administration, nor was it the fault of the federal government that so many people were left in such a predicament.

If it were not 'in fact' for the President - they would not have called for a 'mandatory' evacuation.

You're a biased party twit seeing only one avenue of existence. Instead of holding all parties and individuals accountable you scream at one side.

The truth is both sides failed. Unfortunately, your students and those around you will never get the full truth - only your biased self-aggrandized self-important arrogant drone of - its them, its them, they did it, they did it mantra that a 5 year old would yell at the top of his lungs while pointing his finger ---> they did it Moma, they did it!

Sucking the tit of you Berkley values you cry, moan and gnash teeth. You don't actually get anything acoomplished at all except for turning out more gibberish and more students who repeat your gibberish.

A democrat Mayor(who did NOT use all resources(buses, food, water) available to him, did not evacuate, did not plan, nor anticipate anything more than a day(though he was warned completely of the consequences in studies openly and convincingly at meetings) and a Democrat Governor(caught on TV camera admitting she should have called for troops 'earlier') currently rule and democrats rule south below Baton Rouge.

What is your pathetic mantra of excuse for these two Democrat leaders? Should they not lose their jobs?

You are a fool making foolish comments upon which you have no authority.

mundi spectacaca is more apt for your commentary.

I'm an independent by the way. Both parties, leaders failed.

But what you are oblivious to in your twisted bias is the inability to look at the true history of that state and know the conditions of its existence prior to any storm.

I'll await your application for President to see just how noble you truly are. Instead of a whiner, complainer and gnashing of teeth, I await to see your proven plan of peace and prosperity put forth for all the world to see.

I await to see how you will work with all the nations of the world to stop the killing of innocents, 2 million in Sudan, thousands upon thousands locked up in China, tortured, Iran the same thing is occurring there daily. - Will you stop the torture in Iran? The rape? The public hangings? Will you stop the imprisonment of innocent people in Iran?

No, you won't do jack all, because you're a loser in wannabe world. You sit behind your desk in an environment cooled, heated, with food you order, computers, roof over your head and your actually paid for the drivel you put forth.

Meanwhile, millions suffer. Oh please do tell us all now how to do it differently and save the suffering without war, without disagreement, without argument, without tension, without change of power structure.

Moron... the Mullahs will not give up their power in Iran without a fight to the death of others.

But I'm sure you have a convenient way to not answer these problems.

I'm sure had South Korea been fighting for its life today - you would be the first to say - let them fall so that they to can be just like North Korea.

Dale Carrico said...

You seem tense.