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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Octavia Butler's Next: Fledgling

[via The California Aggie] Just heard that one of my favorite science fiction novelists, Octavia Butler, after a painfully long hiatus, has a new novel coming out in November, called Fledgling.

Only a couple of days ago I was pouting about how long it's been since her last (and not my favorite) Parable of the Talents came out. And now here's a new one.

"Genetically-engineered vampires" are promised. Can't wait.

Those who don't know Octavia Butler really need to read the earth-shattering time-traveling slave narrative, Kindred, the novels of the Xenogenesis trilogy and, my personal favorite, Wild Seed. Clay's Ark is also a brutal bloodcurdling marvel of a thing. All too amazing for words. She's a great short story writer, too.

Only news of a new novel by Bruce Sterling or Gary Indiana could possibly excite me so much, but after the long wait a new Butler will be a specially sweet treat.

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Robin Zebrowski said...

Good news! I hadn't heard this, and I'm thrilled. I devour her books, and you're right - it has been way too long!