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Friday, May 28, 2004

I Can't Help But Wonder...

...about the "search technologies" which, according to the quick self-description offered up by "Ads By Google," presumably ensure that "ads you see [for example, on the banner above] are related to the information you are viewing." I wonder what in my blogroll of socialist-feminist bioethicists, lefty academics, progressive technophiles, ABBs, and radical democrats, not to mention the insistently progressive bent of the action-alerts and topics I post about here, just what on earth it is that continually cues up all the banner ads for the RNC and Cheney-Bush on my blog? (No doubt mentioning the issue will itself just exacerbate whatever algorithmic skewage is producing this PR sewage.) Is it that the default culture of American technophilia really is just so conservative/market fundamentalist in general that tech-talk conjoined to partisan politics simply trips the conservative joy-buzzer automagically?

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Anonymous said...

It could be that FCC-inspired poem you posted which references Ashcroft, Bush, Cheney and Condoleeza.

Want to get rid of it? Fill your next post with Marx, Trotsky, Chomsky, Kerry, etc.